Our customised language courses are delivered by our experienced team of language teachers throughout Sussex and Surrey.  Choose from weekly lessons or an intensive course either one to one or a small group.  All courses – GCSE/A-level, business and general language courses are currently available in French, German and Spanish.

If you would like to discuss your course requirements and language level, make a quick enquiry here – enquiries@questlanguagetraining.com


French With over 150milion speakers worldwide, speaking French opens doors in Europe, Canada, West Africa and South-East Asia. France is also the world’s fifth largest economy.  French is the international language of culture from cuisine to fashion and art.  With so many available resources, French is one of the easiest and most enjoyable languages to learn.


German With the largest economy in the EU and the UK’s number one most important export market, German is an invaluable asset to anyone looking to acquire a business language for their current job or for adding an essential language skill to their CV.  German means you can get the most out of your travels not only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but also many Eastern European countries have German as their second language.

seville-1150324__180Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world with around 400m speakers. With high growth markets in Argentina, Chile and Mexico the importance of Spanish as a world language is ever increasing.   If you’re planning a holiday in Spain our holiday language courses mean you’ll achieve much more than just get by and have confident language skills to explore off the beaten track.


English is the official language of 53 countries and the most common language spoken throughout the world.  With around 350 million native speakers around the globe you’ll never be far from someone to practice your new skills with.  Travelling overseas also becomes easier as you’re more freely able to communicate and get the most out of your travels.   Speaking English opens doors to opportunities in multinational companies and is the language of industries such as media, aviation and science.

For further information on choosing a language or details of any of our courses, call us on 07708 038 328 or email us at enquiries@questlanguagetraining.com