German and English originally come from the same language family meaning that many of our words and pronunciation are related, which is good news for making quick progress in learning German. Mastering the just the basics of German grammar gets you a very long way along the route to fluency as it’s very logical and systematic.

Our German teachers are a mix of native and near native speakers who are selected for their enthusiastic and creative approach to teaching German. We will match you with the most suitable teacher based on your interests and aims.

During lessons our teachers use a range of resources and materials to cover all the skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition to a coursebook your teacher may use video clips, online vocabulary & grammar games and authentic materials such as reading menus and tourist brochures to bring the language to life.

You can choose to learn German on a one to one basis, as a pair or in a small group.

We offer long-term weekly or fortnightly courses or you may prefer a short-term intensive course.

For further information on any of our German courses, call us on 07708 038 328 or email us at