General Language Courses

General Language Courses – practical language for everyday situations

  • gain confidence
  • understand and communicate fluently
  • study at your own pace

Our language courses are designed for learners at all levels of ability and language learning backgrounds. So whether you’re a complete beginner who wants to do more than ‘just get by’ on holidays and not rely on the phrase book, or you’re an advanced learner who needs languages for a specific purpose such as moving overseas, we have a talented team of linguists to help you reach your goal.

General language courses are topic based to cover everyday situations. Focus is on communicating & responding confidently, developing good pronunciation skills and building a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary.

Sample topic areas are as follows:

  • socialising, greetings and introductions
  • travelling by bus, train, taxi and plane.
  • shopping for food, clothes, souvenirs
  • banks
  • tourist information
  • asking for drinks and snacks in cafés
  • booking a table and eating out in restaurants
  • booking accommodation
  • directions
  • hiring a car, at the petrol station, dealing with a breakdown
  • health, doctors and dentists
  • festivals and cultural events

 For further information on choosing a language or details of any of our courses, call us on 07708 038 328 or email us at 

Spanish Lessons

Spanish lessons with a native level Spanish tutor for everyday situations and Spanish conversation.

French Lessons

One to one or group French lessons. Learn practical French language skills for holidays, relocation and general conversation.

English Lessons

Improve your English for conversation and everyday life with one of our native English teachers. Lessons at home or your office daytime or evenings.

German Lessons

German lessons for all levels. Customise your own German course and enjoy speaking German confidently with our experienced German tutors.